February '18 Playlist

Want to help us curate our monthly playlists? Just e-mail us with one new band that you're digging and we'll be in touch. newlibrarynyc@gmail.com. Do it.


Some people ask us, "Hey, new library peeps .. how do you find all these tunes? They're totes dope." To which we reply, "Don't use the term 'totes dope' – and it's not all us! The (soon to be) illustrious NL music council is hard at work throughout the month curating the sounds that lay before you." The tunes of February, like all of the other months, required purposeful sound digestion; we're looking to create a playlist that feels cohesive, fits with the season, and can carry you gently into March. We think we did that for you. Enjoy, and as Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake" and we tend to agree.