August Playlist

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As with all our playlists, this one is a true labor of love. We added tracks, we subtracted tracks, we pre-gamed to it, we cried with it, we traveled with it, and we finally burned it, took a Sharpie, wrote the month on it, and shared it with you.

We hope the result to be one of those mixtapes that your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend made for you, that despite the novelty and the ultimate result of the fling, you just couldn't get yourself to throw away.  

New jimmy jams from Arcade Fire, Poolside, The Districts, + many more under-the-radar zingers, blingers and bleepers.

Two quick things: Do you want to contribute to next month's playlist? Simply join our music council by e-mailing us at with one new band you're listening to, and we'll share our in-progress collaborative list for next month.

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