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The War on Drugs: Inside Man
A profile on a modern-day rock genius. Adam Granduciel is a perfectionist very  much in the vein of Bruce Springsteen, though at times, fully crippled by anxiety and the need to create transcendent rock n' roll. We are huge fans.
 Minutes - by David Brevan for Pitchfork

Can Jack White Change His Stripes?
Days away from the release of his new album, Boarding House Reach, the last true rock star looks towards the future.

Brutally beaten by rogue cops, the jailed rapper has become a cause and, in an exclusive interview from prison, he speaks out and looks ahead.

Famous Retro Article: How to Be A Rock Critic & Here's How
Lester Bangs might be the most famous music journalist of all time. Philip Seymour Hoffman played him in Almost Famous. This is one of his all-time greatest pieces.
263 Minutes - by Lester Bangs for The Shakin' Street Gazette

When You Listen to Music, You're Never Alone
Musical creation and experience is a fundamental building block of human evolution. When we click *play,* even through headphones, a certain sense of socialization is felt. 
10Minutes - by Daniel A. Gross for Nautilus

   by Bryan Burrough
 45 mins
Semi-Retro: Mad About the Boys
Lou Pearlman, the guy responsible for the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync, bilked his investors of $300 million and fled the country. But the boys say he was interested in more than just money.

  by Howard Lee
 10 mins
Elton John Interviews Eminem
Now 45, Eminem is preparing to release his ninth studio album, Revival. Before that, he spoke on the phone from his studio in Detroit with his longtime friend and outspoken supporter Elton John.

  by Lisa Robinson
 30 mins
An Oral History of Laurel Canyon, the 60's and 70's Music Mecca 
They made music together, took drugs together, formed bands together, slept together. But none of the legends of the Laurel Canyon scene that flowered in LA in the late 60's and early 70's - Joni Mitchell, David Crsoby, Linda Ronstadt, and others - remember it quite the same way. 

  byBrian Hiattt
 22 mins
The Liberation of Kesha
Kesha opens up about beating a life-threatening eating disorder, and how her personal struggles informed her new Number One LP, 'Rainbow.'

  by Mikal Gilmore 
 15 mins
Retro: Tom Petty's Real Lift Nightmares
From 1980: After emerging from legal troubles, the rocker has emerged with a top 10 album.

  by Lillian Ross
 13 mins
How Instagram Became the Music Industry's Secret Weapon 
Legendary writer Lillian Ross profiles Ernest Hemingway during one of his visits to NYC in 1950. 

   by Jerilyn Jordan 
 25 mins
To Understand Kid Rock's Politics, We Attempted to go to All Six of His Shows at Little Caesars Arena
"The hope was that by the end of this masochistic marathon, we'd have an answer to whether Kid Rock was really running for Senate, and to maybe understand the politics of potential Kid Rock voters. If we're at all lucky, the answer will not be the least bit entertaining."

  by Ann Derrick-Gaillot
 15 mins
Writing with the Trap God, Gucci Mane.
A conversation with the co-author of Gucci Mane's autobiography. "I had a chance to meet a lot of famous rappers, but he's something, man. You have that humanizing moment. And with Gucci, I will tell you that is not the case. That guy lives up to your expectations and then some."

  by Ben Thompson
12 mins
Stories of Excess: Interpol's Turn on The Bright Lights, 15 Years Later
Explaining "I feel like a confused participant, or a survivor of PTSD," Interpol bassist, Carlos Dengler, talks about the tumultuous time recording of indie rocks' best albums. 

  by Clover Hope
The Making & Unmaking of Iggy Azalea
Back then, Polow didn’t see her vision. “I told her, ‘Nobody’s gonna buy you being hood..."
by Adam Pasick
 7 mins
The Magic That Makes Spotify's Discover Weekly so Damn Good
SO damn good. Except every once in a while, it’s not that good, right? Well, that’s your fault. Once you learn how Spotify structures their DW algorithm, you can set yourself up for music discovery success. (Hint: Don’t put that guilty pleasure pop song in your playlists)    

by Jonathan Cott
  "We've gone past those days when we wouldn't have used words because they didn't make sense, or what  we thought was sense. But of course Dylan taught us a lot in this respect." If you haven't read a 30+ minute interview with John Lennon, then what are you reading?

by Ruth Saxelby

How Boiler Room Went From One Webcam to Broadcasting The Global Underground for Everyone  
 21 mins
The Boiler Room is the home of underground music, broadcasting their events to the masses while shaping the scene in a genre-crossing display of business-building.  It's basically everyone's dream startup idea, right? 

by David Holmes
16 mins
How to Make it in the New Music Industry: The Long Slow Ascent of Electronic Star Tycho
Scott Hansen (Tycho) is the opposite of overnight success (if that even exists outside of reality TV stardom). He was a graphic designer and software developer who has treated his music career like a small business, slowly building it from a solo side project to a now, Grammy-nominated 4-person band.

  by John Seabrook
 31 mins 
The Mastermind Behind Coachella
Paul Tollett is one of the great impresarios of our time having started Coachella in 1999  Even with all of his success, he still negotiated every. single. contract. with the 150 artists he booked this year. 

  by Sasha -Frere Jones
 20+ mins
Let's Dance: A Profile of LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy
As Mr. Murphy has officially confirmed that their new album is imminent (within the next month, perhaps??), we look back to the New Yorker's 2010 profile of the man himself. 

by Nelson George
  20+ mins 
From 1984: Marvin Gaye's Abiding Unrest
First appearing in the Village Voice interview/article was written at a time when Gaye was experiencing "one of the most thrilling comebacks in commercial (music) history" following a decline in popularity.

  by Cameron Crowe
 20+ mins
Retro, Famous Read: The Allman Brothers Story (This is the Article That Inspired Almost Famous)
Written by then 16 year-old Cameron Crowe, he follows the band to document how Gregg Allman kept going after his brother Duane's untimely death. RIP Gregg Allman.

by Mychal Denzel Smith
12 mins
Vince Staples is The Least Corny Man in America
Staples put out perhaps the most fire rap album of the year this past Friday. He's just as captivating in an interview as he is on the mic.

by Jonathan Ringen
13 mins
How Diplo's Major Lazer Bet on Diversity (And Data) to Make Global Hits
"The audience controls music now."

  by Tom Clynes
 15 mins
The Curious Genius of the Man Who Started Bose Corporation 
As an MIT professor and as CEO of the eponymous company that he built from scratch, Bose has made breakthroughs in an astonishingly broad range of disciplines, including acoustics, aviation, defense, even nuclear physics.

   by Rembert Browne
 20 mins
Eternal Sunshine: A Profile of Lil Yachty
Lil Yachty is a guilty pleasure's guilty pleasure in the world of hip hop. And he won't stop smiling.

  by Dave & Kendrick
 9 mins
Dave Chappelle Interviews Kendrick Lamar
"CHAPPELLE: The last time I saw you was in Australia with J. Cole—you had just performed with Eminem. A lot's happened since then."

  by David Marchese
 20+ mins
In Conversation: Trent Reznor 
"The Nine Inch Nails’ icon on his new music, the future of streaming, and his tortured past."

   by David Sheff
 43 mins
From 1995 - Playboy Interview: Snoop Dogg
"Hugh Hefner doesn’t give a fuck about a motherfucker saying he glorifies sex. Why should I give a fuck about what a motherfucker feels about me glorifying life or violence? I’m living like Hugh right now."

  by Victoria Grigoriadis
 22 mins
The Tragedy of Britney Spears: Rolling Stone's 2008 Cover Story.
As Vice's music blog Noisey has proclaimed that the world wasn't able to bring down Brtiney, we look back at RS's harsh 2008 cover story.

  by Robin Pecknold
 19 mins
The Lead Singer of Fleet Foxes Interviews the Members of Grizzly Bear
An insider's chat about the writing process, the state of the music industry and more from two of indie rock's biggest and most acclaimed bands. *Grizzly Bear just dropped their gorgeous new album, Painted Ruins. Listen Here.