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Cutting 'Old Heads' at IBM
As it scrambled to compete in the internet world, the once-dominant tech company cut tens of thousands of US workers, hitting its most senior employees hardest and flouting rules against age bias.
  30Minutes - by Peter Gosselin and Ariana Tobin for ProPublica

The Wolves of K Street
For gamblers looking for an edge, PredctIt turns politics into something more than a cynical battleground. Meet the people making bank on our nightmarish election selection.
  20 Minutes - by David Hill for The Ringer 

This Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation is Ran by a Penniless Yoga Superstar
Baba Ramdev renounced the material world. So why is he selling toothpaste, instant noodles, and toilet cleaner?
  15 Minutes - by Ben Crair for Bon Appetit

Back to the Grind
Nearly two decades after selling his iconic Coffee Connection to Starbucks, George Horwell is about to attempt a comeback. Can the cafe visionary retake the coffee world, or has his time passed?
18 Minutes - by Janelle Nanos for Boston Magazine

Why Silicon Valley Billionaires Are Planning For The Apocalypse in New Zealand
How an extreme libertarian tract predicting the collapse of liberal democracies inspired the likes of Peter Thiel to buy properties across the Pacific. 
25 Minutes - by Mark O'Connell for The Guardian 

  by Silvia Killingsworth
 15 mins
Felix Salmon, "Fusion Money" and Floating Upward
The journalist who was paid too much.

  by Michelle Celarier
 11 mins
How a Misfit Group of Computer Geeks and English Majors Transformed Wall Street
In the 1980s, a quiet hedge fund located above a Marxist bookstore launched a revolution that would change finance (and give us Amazon).

 by Steve Johnson
 15 mins
Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble
Yes, it’s driven by greed — but the mania for cryptocurrency could wind up building something much more important than wealth.

by Joshua Prager
 15 mins
Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Money
The author of the children's book Goodnight Moon, gave the rights of the book to a 9-year old neighbor in her will. He's earned over $5 million, but only has $27k left in cash. It's not a happy story.

  by Eric Newcomer & Brad Stone
 15 mins
The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was A Lot Weirder And Darker Than You Thought
Silicon Valley CEOs are supposed to be sacrosanct. So how did it all go wrong at Uber?

   by Alexis C. Madrigal
 13 mins
The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed
A new breed of online retailer doesn’t make or even touch products, but they’ve got a few other tricks for turning nothing into money.

  by Howard Lee
 10 mins
Bitcoin  Is a Delusion That Could Conquer The World
The cryptocurrency’s current price is completely unreal. Then again, so is money.

  by Paul Schrodt
Inside the World of Celebrity Money Handlers
Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t know her ATM pin. Oprah hadn’t seen the inside of a bank in 29 years. Serena Williams tried to deposit million dollar checks in a bank’s drive-thru... but somebody's got to know how to do this stuff.

  by Samantha Subramamian
 40 mins
Podcast: How to Sell a Nation - The Booming Business of Nation Branding
These days, every place in the world wants to market its unique identity – and an industry has sprung up to help put them on the map.

   by Caroline Winter
 18 mins
Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Water it Pays Nearly Nothing For
The company's operation in Michigan reveals how it's dominated the industry by going into economically depressed areas with lax water laws. 

  by Rachel Sherman
 19 mins
What the Rich Won't Tell You 
"There's nobody who knows how much we spend. You're the only person I ever said those numbers out loud to." ...On speaking with wealthy people on how they seek to make subtle their spending and living habits.

  by Malcolm Johnston
The Playboy of Yorkville
Johnson Chrome was a notorious big spender with a taste for bottle service, bespoke suits, and $10,000 shoes. The source of his wealth? A sophisticated identify theft scheme that may have conned Torontonians out of millions. The untold story of the cities most wanted fraudster.

  by Jacqui Shine
 23 mins
Percy Wants to Give you Money $!
He was was a self-made, blue-collar millionaire in Reagan’s America. But when Percy Ross decided to give away his fortune, he made things simple: all you had to do was ask for it.

  by Laura Shin 
 14 mins
Forbes Cover Article - The Emperor's New Coin: How Initial Coin Offerings Fueled a $100 Billion Crypto Bubble 
"In two months, GNO coins were trading at $335 each, and Gnosis was suddenly worth $3 billion, more than the market cap of Revlon, Box or Time Inc."

  by Robert Hackett
 16 mins
Can This 22 Year-Old Coder Out-Bitcoin, Bitcoin?
Vitalik Buterin is the founder/genius behind Ethereum, the latest cryptocurrency seemingly creating and erasing fortunes overnight while pushing blockchain tech to new frontiers.

  by Hamilton Nolan
 17 mins
Hell is Empty and All the Hedge Fund Managers are at the Bellagio
"If you have ever wondered whether there really is a cabal of elites plotting in private to rule the world, wonder no more. Here they are." A dispatch from Anthony Scaramucci's SALT conference.

   by Justin Baer
 5 mins
Wall Street's Endangered Species: The College Jock
Once the preferred college pedigree, quant-focused computer engineers continue to take the place of the once coveted college athlete.

by Alex Halperin
20+ mins
I've Told People What They Need to Hear to Get Their Money In.
How a creator of Assassin’s Creed sold investors on a magic marijuana product that he claimed could predictably produce specific feelings in users.

  by John Cassidy
 40 mins
Mastering the Machine
Ray Dalio runs the world's largest hedge fund, video records almost every meeting in his company for all to see, and is a philosophical guru for life and business who credits transcendental meditation with his unique way of thinking. 

  by Paul Tullis 
 15 mins
Are You Rich Enough to Live Forever?
Immortality is one luxury the world's wealthiest are determined to buy—at any cost. And while you’re mid-immortality search, you wouldn’t want some sort of apocalypse to ruin your plans, so you’ve got your…

   by Evan Osnos
 38 mins
Doomsday Prep for The Super Rich 
In private Facebook groups, wealthy survivalists swap tips on gas masks, bunkers, and locations safe from the effects of climate change. One member, the head of an investment firm, told me, “I keep a helicopter gassed up all the time, and I have an underground bunker with an air-filtration system.”