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To Change Your Life, Learn How to Trust Your Future Self
"What’s exciting about this way of looking at things is that not only does this explain why some people can, and do, win the battle against temptation, but it also gives the rest of us a strategy for how we can do the same."
  13 Minutes - by Jeff Wise for NYMag

The Sugar Conspiracy
Famous Read: In 1972, a British Scientist sounded the alarm that sugar - not fat- was the greatest danger to our health. But his findings were ridiculed and his reputation ruined. How did the world's top nutrition scientists get it so wrong for so long?
33 Minutes - by Ian Leslie for The Guardian

  by Danny Vinik
 15 mins
The Cold Hard Truth: What It's Like Freezing to Death 
A step-by-step account, starting with a minor drift off the road in your Jeep...

  by Nicholas Carr
 12 mins
How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds.
So you bought that new iPhone. If you’re like the typical owner, you’ll be pulling your phone out and using it some 80 times a day, according to data Apple collects. That means you’ll be consulting the glossy little rectangle nearly 30,000 times over the coming year....

   by Antonio Regalado
 15 mins
Eugenic 2.0: We're at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Height, Health & More
Will you be among the first to pick your kid's IQ? As machine learning unlocks predictions from DNA databases, scientists say parents could have choices never before possible.

  by Paolo Uggetti
 11 mins
Skinny Love: Why Players Across the NBA Are Slimming Down 
The days of bulk and big muscles are gone. Today's NBA is all about speed and space, and players are rapidly cutting weight to fit in. 

   by Kelly Kasulis
 10 mins
The Human Microbiome Explained: How Bad Science and Junky Diets Gave Rise to Serious Disease
More and more, scientists are realizing that the human microbiome is closely tied to our overall health, and killing swaths of microbes may not be doing us any favors. Meaning, we're too clean for our own good. 

   by Kate Knibbs
 12 mins
Gunnar Peterson is the Hard Body Whisperer of the Famous
For over a decade, he has been the trainer - sculptor, really - behind some of the best and most famous bodies in Hollywood. He recently added the lakers to his resume; he still works with the Kardashians. In the era of wellness celebrities and Silicon Valley health hacks, how has Petson managed to stay so relevant for so long.

  by Bee Wilson
 25 mins
Why We Fell for Clean Eating 
First it was the McMansion. Now, a more modern take on the mass/commoditized suburban home is here just in time for the millenial homebuyer.

   by Lisa Feldman Barrett
 12 mins
Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite
Think you can read people's emotions? Think again.

  by Maria Popova
 13 mins
Diseases of the Will: Neuroscience Founding Father Santiago Ramon y Cajal on the Six Psychological Flaws that Keep the Talented from Achieving Greatness
On why being a bookworm doesn't translate to greatness, and more practical and scathing anecdotes of the pseudo-intellectual crowd. 

 by Oliver Bateman
 17 mins
Steroid Solidarity
A profile on the culture of juicing at the Mr. Olympia competition.

  by Molly Young
 19 mins
How a Lifestyle Guru Perfected the Celebrity Wellness Business
Chantal Bacon sells self-absorption as the ultimate luxury product.

by Louise Chunn
13 mins
We Are Experiencing a Work Revolution and It's Making Us Mentally Ill
More than ever, we’re living in an age of uncertainty. Now is the time to invest in tackling the mental health problems we know this engenders

   by Alexis Madrigal
 29 mins
Why Testosterone is the Drug of the Future 
"At 56, he’s in better shape than he was in his 30s. ...In recent photos, his abdominals look like a sculpture of Morse code."

  by Winston Ross
Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream
“Clients …can simply sit in a comfortable chair for half-hour sessions with a few wires protruding from their scalp and get a mental tune-up, if not a complete rewiring of an off-kilter brain.”

35 mins
The Psychedelic Miracle
Hipsters have been using ayahuasca as the new juice cleanse while finance and tech bros “microdose” LSD to unleash their untapped creative powers. Now, trailblazing doctors are using extremely measured doses of MDMA, shrooms, and other hallucinogens as “psychedelic therapy” to fight mental illnesses, including PTSD. Dr. X (name redacted in article), claims, “I think it's the best tool to achieving well-being, so I feel morally and ethically compelled to open up that space."

by Mary Schmich
4 mins
The Cure for Fear
“These studies,” he wrote, “suggest that someday, a single dose of a drug, combined with exposure to your fear at the right moment, could free you of that fear forever.”