NL Longform: Crime

Crime comes in many forms. We explore it through (mostly) longform editorial and interviews.

A Betrayal
The teenage told police all about his gang, MS-13. In return, he was slated for deportation and marked for death.
  30Minutes - by Hannah Dreier for ProPublica

Coronado High
How hippie surfers and a Spanish teacher started one of the largest drug smuggling operations on the West coast.
  60+ Minutes - by Joshuah Bearman for The Atavist

Worst Roommate Ever
This is a terrifying true story that will have you asking for references next time you're about to enter into any type of long-term relationship with another human.
25 Minutes - by William Brennan for New York Magazine

A Chinese Casino Has Conquered A Piece of America
Construction workers maimed and killed. Millions paid to the governor's family. An impossibly lucrative gambling operation. And all on U.S. soil. 
25 Minutes - by Matthew Campbell for Bloomberg 

The Agency
An investigation into the Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency.
20 Minutes - by Adrien Chen for The New York Times

  by Craig Whitlock
 35 mins
Leaks, Feasts and Sex Parties: How 'Fat Leonard' Infiltrated the Navy's Floating Headquarters in Asia
Leonard Glenn Francis, "Fat Leonard," bribed Navy officers and defrauded at least $35 million over two decades. Information for the taste of the high life.

  by Nancy Bilyeau
 13 mins
The True Story of Gianni Versace's Murder
It was a twisted tale of sex, drugs, and a serial killer on the run that ultimately ended in the death of a fashion icon. How did Versace's assassin get away with his murder—and what drove him to do it in the first place?

   by Stav Ziv 
 21 mins
The Last Nazi Hunter
Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff has spent four decades doggedly chasing Holocaust criminals, but when his pursuit led him to Lithuania, the fight got personal.

   by Hamilton Morris
 50 mins
Blood Spore
A biologist who fervently studied the effects of magic mushrooms and how they could improve the quality of life was mysteriously murdered. That's a story to be read. 

   by Elizabeth Weil
 25 mins
The Curse of the Bahia Emerald
One of Wired's Most Read Articles of 2017: Meet the schemers, investors, and dreamers who were bewitched by a giant green rock that may be worth $100 million, or nothing at all.

  by Ginger Thompson
How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Texas
The inside story of how a cartel's deadly assault on a Mexican town near the Texas border -- and the U.S. drug operation that sparked it.

   by Mark Manson
 32 mins
The Teens of Long Island Trapped Between a Gang and the Law
On LI, unaccompanied writers are caught between the violence, of MS-13, and the fear of deportation.

  by Tim Struby
 15 mins
Name of the Father
His father was a notorious figure in Providence organized crime. Boxing offered a different path for Jarrod Tillinghast—but it didn’t stop him from slipping into his old ways and robbing drug dealers with his neighborhood friends.

  by Michelle Mcnamara
 37 mins
In the Footsteps of Killer
Fifty rapes. Ten murders. Two identities. One man. From 1976 to 1986, one of the most violent serial criminals in American history terrorized communities throughout California. He was little known, never caught, and might still be out there. Now a determined investigator, a retired detective, and a group of online obsessives are on the hunt to track him down

   by Joe Eaton
 28 mins
King of Boise: The Life & Times of a Teenage Oxycodone Dealer
The high comes on fast, a euphoric feeling of life itself slowing down, a calm feeling of absolute contentment. But the feeling is fleeting. Thirty minutes later, an addict will be itching for more.

  by David Felton & David Dalton
 120 mins
Retro - Charles Manson: The Most Dangerous Man (Alive)
From 1970: A jailhouse interview.

  by Tim Alberta
 31 mins
The Miami Hotel Where All The Narcos Came to Play
The unbelievable yet true story of the Mutiny, the hotel at the center of Miami's cocaine cowboy's heyday - and an inspiration for the film, Scarface.

  by Michael Lewis 
 35 mins
Retro: Stock Manipulator, SEC Nemesis, 15 Years Old. 
Using several email addresses and a lot of exclamation points, teenager Jonathan Lebed worked finance message boards in the morning before school and made almost a million bucks. Then he made the head of the S.E.C. look like a fool.

  by Jim Rutenberg
 39 mins
RT, Sputnik, and Russia's New Theory of War 
"How the Kremlin built one of the most power information weapons of the 21st century - and why it may be impossible to stop." This is one of those articles people will be talking about."

  by Jake Edelstein
 16 mins
The New Yakuza Murders: Inside the Japanese Mafia's Circle of Death 
When top Yakuza leaders die, many funerals follow. On Tuesday, a 'revolutionary' member of the organization was targeted. He lived. His bodyguard didn't. A missed hit? Or a message?

by Jeff Maysh
20+ mins
The Scarface of Sex
The millionaire playboy who murdered his way to the top of the porn industry.

  by Scott Anderson
 20+ mins
CONTROVERSIAL: None Dare Call It a Conspiracy
Conde Naste refused to put this article online, only in print. The author published it himself. "Who was behind the Moscow apartment bombings that accelerated Vladimir Putin's rise to power?"

   by Charles Graeber
 20+ mins
Inside the Mansion - And Mind - of the Net's Most Wanted Man 
How megahacker Kim Dotcom outsmarted the FBI and Hollywood to become the most hunted man on the internet.

by Matt Novak
20 mins
The Untold Story of the Teen Hackers Who Transformed the Early Internet
"Chris’s true love, though he’s reluctant to talk about it today, was hacking the Arpanet and military systems." ...One of the members of the hacker group, the Inner Circle is homeless, and the other is leading a perfectly normal life. So, what happened when the FBI busted them?

  by Mark Seal
 50 mins
The Man in The Rockefeller Suit
When Clark Rockefeller snatched his daughter during a custody dispute, what the D.A. called “the longest con I’ve seen in my professional career” came unraveled, and the trail led to bones buried in a California backyard.

  by Jeffrey Toobin 
 17 mins 
Semi-Retro - Roger Stone: The Dirty Trickster 
Roger Stone is a self-proclaimed 'agent provocateur' having had his hands in the Nixon/Reagan years as a political consultant, lobbyist and general political troublemaker. The Netflix documentary 'Get Me Roger Stone' drops May 12th.
   by Gary Webb
 2 Hours
The Dark Alliance: Cocaine Pipeline Financed Rebels
Dubbed "one of the most controversial and explosive exposés in American journalism," the author's career was destroyed after this article was published in 96'. The Intercept's follow up article 'Managing a Nightmare' chronicles how the CIA oversaw his downfall.

  by Mark Galeotti
 16 mins 
An Academic Look at How the Kremlin Weaponizes the Russian Criminal Underworld 
“We have the best of both worlds: From Russia we have strength and safety, and in Europe we have wealth and comfort.” -Russian Criminal, 2016

  by Gay Talese
 59 mins
The Voyeur's Motel 
Gerald Foos bought a motel in order to watch his guests having sex. He saw a lot more than that.

by Alex Halperin
20+ mins
I've Told People What They Need to Hear to Get Their Money In.
How a creator of Assassin’s Creed sold investors on a magic marijuana product that he claimed could predictably produce specific feelings in users.

 by Joshua Davis 
 20+ mins
The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist
The vault was thought to be impenetrable. They were accused of getting away with $100 million + worth of gold, jewelry, diamonds and more...

 by Patrick Radden Keefe
  20+ mins 
The Trafficker
A decades long battle to capture an international arms broker.

  by Quentin Sommerville & Riam Dilati
  20+ mins 
The Secret Lives of Young IS Fighters.
Warning: Disturbing Content

  by Kit Chellel & Matthew Campbell 
 30 mins
The Hijacking of the Oil Tanker, Brillante Virtuoso
A mysterious assault, an unsolved murder, and a ship that hasn't given up all its secrets.

  by Allie Conti
 23 mins
Wine, Wu-Tang, and Pharmaceuticals: Inside Martin Shkreli's World 
A look back at Vice's profile on the infamous pharma-bro days after he's been found guilty of securities fraud. 

   by Matt Novak
  80 mins
All American Huckster: Napoleon Hill (The Author of Think & Grow Rich) 
Is Napoleon Hill the most famous conman you (may or may not) have head of?
   by Mark Harris
 23 mins
How Peter Thiel's Secretive Data Company Pushed Into Policing 
“These documents show how Palantir applies Silicon Valley’s playbook to domestic law enforcement. New users are welcomed with discounted hardware and federal grants, sharing their own data in return for access to others."

   by Andy Greenberg
 29 mins
Inside an Epic Hotel Room Hacking Spree 
A global vulnerability in hotel keycard locks was a security disaster - and the opportunity of a lifetime for one burglar.