Electronic Music Veering In Every Direction Electronic Music Should Be Veering Into.

We peek inside the idiosyncratic mind of Letherette's Andy Harber to chat about the music we should be listening to, (spoiler alert: go-deep), where he imagines we are, and how he'd score his own life movie.


Letherette's music is the preferred mode of transportation in any and every interstellar-quest of the imagination. It will take you just as far into the future as it will into the past. Reflections on the rise of the French Touch in electronic music are surely felt in their earlier work (listen to their Debut, Letherette). Since then, it's gotten tougher to peg Letherette down to one genre, or sound in general. It's as if they'd be just as comfortable scoring a noir sci-fi crime drama as they would pulling the dance strings behind a DJ booth. 

 And as you'll hear any self-respecting aspiring artist reverberate today, no one wants to be put in a box. The result of this experimentalism is music that will make you dance as much as it'll make you reflect. These are the creators that we're most interested in speaking with. So, let's chat with Andy:


Where are you from, how would you describe your music, and who are some of your influences?

I'm Andy Harber and I’m from the sunny city of Wolverhampton. My music is usually sample-based (not always) and can often be categorised as hip-hop or house. My influences are vast from The Beach Boys, Xenakis, Madlib, Andres... the list goes on.

With elements of disco, funk, and hip-hop, where is it you imagine listeners are playing your music?  

Funnily I always imagine people driving to it usually in nicer places than Wolverhampton. I often listen to new music in the car or sitting on a bus or train, I find it helps me decide on what tracks to release. It detaches you from the producer and you hear the music in a fresh space.

Live music or studio? 

It’s always been about the studio for me, I like being alone and working in my own environment. My enjoyment comes from production and making music. I enjoy playing live and DJ’ing too, but if I had to choose - It would be the studio.


What are some artists that you’re currently digging that we should know about?

Recently I’ve been enjoying RGL on Breaker Breaker records, I’ve also rediscovered Jon Hassell’s Magic Realism again. My mom bought it for me on vinyl about 10 years ago as a present because she liked the cover.

I’ve also been getting into old Bollywood film music, especially one called ‘James Bond 999’, it’s hard to find but the music is brilliant. Lots of Baris Manco, Marcos Valle, Gal Costa... I could go on and on!

If you could have had any of your songs featured in a movie, what would the song be, and what would the movie be?

I could hear Villim being on some strange Sci-Fi film like ‘Quiet Earth’. When he’s walking up to the sea at the end of the film I imagine Villim coming in as he sees Saturn in the sky. Dotted Yellow would be well suited for ‘The Andromeda Strain”. Most of the music on ‘Where Have All The People Gone’ was written for these sorts of films in mind.



A Film Score By: Letherette

Opening Credits: You're driving down an endless road through the desert in the automobile of your choice.















Flashback: There's a quick montage of your early childhood...


You're in high school, hanging out with your friends, it's an indie-movie type party scene. 


You're in the wild throws of a relationship -- The perfect mix of spontaneity and new relationship bliss.


The end credits roll...

quiet earth.jpg

Big thanks to Andy for the interview and for the music. 


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