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Eric Trine: Object Designer, Commercial Artist

Creative Consumption is an interview series chronicling the consumption habits and trends that creators, entrepreneurs, and all-around strivers are prioritizing to enhance their lives.

With a cool, California modern style, Eric Trine's epyonomous design studio focuses on furniture and product design for the home. His colorful accent pieces are stylistically merchandised making for serious insta-design bait, reeling us in hard when we first fell for his Rod+Weave Chair. Be sure to check out his studio's website after reading about Eric's Creative Consumption:


When I get into the studio in the morning I listen to our local radio staton 89.9 KCRW. Their morning show is called Morning Becomes Eclectic and runs from 9am-Noon.

The DJ's are incredible, this is how I find most of the music I listen too. They actively select the music each morning, it isn't a pre-planned list - when it's a overcast, gloomy day, they play mellow-melancholy music. KCRW sets the rhythm for my morning. 

On the road...

I drove from LA to SF last year without listening to anything on the drive. I listen to NPR - I like to get a mix of journalism, current events and news.


I'm reading a book right now called "Cracking the Whip" it's a collection of essays by Ralph Caplan.

Caplan is a design critic and writer - but not in highly academic way - his tone and feel is more of humorist, maybe almost Vonnegut-esque, if that makes sense?

Everything in our world is designed - someone, somewhere, at somepoint in time designed it - that's what Caplan writes about.

I just finished an essay where he talked about the constraints of design via the metaphor of Hogwarts School of Wizardry in Harry Potter! What!? Amazing. 

"By Design" by Ralph Caplan is one of my favorite books of all time - I highly recommend it. 

Eric Trine Interview


I was in Austin, Texas last month for a Pop-Up shop. I've been a bunch of times, it's become one of favorite places for a long weekend getaway. It's family-friendly, the air bnb's are affordable, the food is amazing.

On this last trip I went out to this new wave pool surf park called NLand Surf Park. It's a giant lagoon with an artificial wave that you can surf!

I grew up surfing, and I still get out in the water when my schedule allows, but the novelty of surfing in the middle of Texas was just too good to pass up. It was a lot of fun, and they have a great restaurant and brewery on site as well. I'll definitely be doing this on every visit to Austin in the future.


I am very basic when it comes to food - I'd eat pizza for every meal if my body could take it.

Eric Trine Interview

I recently gave up drinking alcohol, and I've been getting into kombucha - one of my favorite local coffee shops (Rose Park Roasters) has a few rotating taps of kombucha. Lately, they've been serving this Palo Santo Rooibos and it is INSANE!

Eric Trine Interview


I'm super pumped on this new chair from Ikea called ODGER. It's genius. Made of recycled materials, assembles in seconds without tools, looks amazing, and sells for $75.

It's the kind of innovation that I think pushes the design field forward, with respects to mass production - and making great design available to more people, while retaining a high level of quality.

It's really hard to do, and I think they nailed it.


I get the general sense that color has come back in a big way - and it's here to stay - specifically with interiors and furniture.

I just don't like trends in general - I like things that are trendless, things that are timeless.


(The people inspiring Eric...)

There are probably too many to name... but lately I've been thinking about all the design people who work at large companies and we'll never know 

their names. The people who crank out hundreds of designs a season, but their name isn't on anything - they won't ever get an design industry recognition.

I've been thinking about that a lot lately - the anonymous designers that have shaped our world, but their wasn't anything glamorous about their career - they just grinded it out because it was their job. 


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