Creative Consumption

James Scott of OTHERFEELS


Creative Consumption is our new interview series, chronicling the consumption habits and trends that creators, entrepreneurs, and all-around strivers are prioritizing to enhance their lives.

James is many things within one ecosystem: music. Owner of DC's coolest DIY venue, production manager for Dupont Underground, DJ, event producer, and manager to 3 DC-based rising artists. All under the umbrella of the music collective he runs, OTHERFEELS, James is a tireless supporter of the music community in and around DC, as comfortable passing out CD’s in a dark basement venue as he is introducing musicians at one of his events -- of which he's now worked his way up to hosting, producing and booking a dedicated night for local musicians at the world famous, 9:30 club. 

In addition to being a core-extended homie/friend of the New Library team, we're grateful to have James regularly co-curating our monthly new library playlists.

Here are the many forms of James' creative consumption:


I’ve been really into the new Kllo record “Backwater”. I’ve been a fan of the Australian duo for a while for their intricate beats and whimsical vocal. Their new record is extremely impressive from a production perspective, while the lead singer is somehow able to magically weave her melodies through the chaos. They balance each other in such a wonderful way, and you can really feel it.



I’m now listening to “Switched On Pop” -- it breaks down the construction and meaning of modern pop songs. It’s hosted by two music nerds who walk you through an entire song, attempting to explain what is happening both musically and philosophically. I just listened to the episode about Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” (guilty pleasure song), super interesting. I’m very intrigued by pop music and have always been fascinated but how wide of a net it casts, and what that says about our society.


I’m currently reading “All You Need To Know About The Music Business” by Donald S. Passman. I’ve committed myself to working in music full time, as a band manager, but I’m also in the early stages of starting record label. This book has been especially helpful for someone that never went to school for music business. The author breaks down subjects in a very cohesive way and brings subjects to light I never even thought about. It’s been a very helpful tool for my new career.


I just got off the road doing a mini-tour with April + VISTA. They were supporting GoldLink and Masego, two other rising DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) stars gaining national recognition. The experience was absolutely fantastic. A+V had never truly played outside the DMV so being able to rock Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York, Montreal, and Philly with huge reception was incredible.

I’ve found I’m most happy on the road. This was the third tour I’ve been on and it’s just such a special way to travel. Time works in a different way, human interaction is different, it’s a very magical journey. We all know there’s a special energy at concerts, it’s almost church-like…imagine that feeling every night. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of love.


Honestly, I really enjoy cooking myself. I’ve recently changed up my diet to become pescatarian so it’s been helpful to grocery shop and create dishes on my own. You can be pretty inventive when you’re restricted. The process of cooking something yourself makes things taste so much better, and you're able to identify why flavors work together. I never really liked cooking as a kid but I really enjoy it now.


I try not to participate in excess consumption, but I recently acquired a cast iron pan for the house and that’s been a total game changer. You can do so many things with it! It gives things a different type of flavor. I used one everyday during my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia so it brings back that feeling of a simpler existence.


Thanks to James and be sure to follow him on facebook, instagram & spotify.

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