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Monica Aksamit, Olympic Medalist

Monica Aksamit

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There are three forms of competitive fencing, differentiated both by their rule sets and the weapons used. Monica Aksamit is an American sabre fencer, and she's one of the best in the world, having earned a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics.

Described as the Formula 1 racing of fencing sport, sabre is the quickest and most aggressive of the three - the other two epee & foil, are the more defensive, and balanced variations. The casual observer of any sport often misses the chess-like approach and fencing is no different - its nuances are beneath the surface. Highly complex, requiring a hyper-focused balance of mental and physical excellence, years of training culminate in strategic, split second decisions that ultimately decide the victor in a match. At NL, we are big-time appreciators of this level of mastery and athletic creativity. 

Currently training to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Monica took some time to share the consumption habits that keep her sharp and rested in between intense bouts of preparation and contest.


I would have to say that my favorite album currently is Frank Ocean's Orange. I can't seem to get enough of it. I've been listening to it for the last few weeks, not on repeat, but fairly often nonetheless. It gets me through my daily drives and commutes, flights, while I'm packing (which I hate so it makes it more bearable). 


I'm currently reading Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It was suggested to me by a friend when I was going through a difficult time a few weeks back. Though my favorite author has to be Paul Coelho.

The Zahir and The Alchemist are my favorite books by him and I've reread both of them multiple times. The Alchemist actually helped me during the Olympic qualifying time period. Definitely considered quitting for a period of time, and then was sent this book by a friend. 

Monica Aksamit Interview
Monica Askamit Interview
Monica Aksamit Interview


My FAVORITE go-to restaurant is Bobby's Burger Palace. They have the absolute best burgers and sweet potato fries. I don't frequently eat fast food, but almost always after returning from a long trip, I head over there for a meal. Actually as soon as I got home from the Olympic's I drove straight over there in all of my USA clothes and the worker commented on how patriotic I am. I definitely recommend the sweet potato fries and the LA burger. 


This isn't a first time purchase, but I weekly buy dried mango from Trader Joe's and it's my favorite snack. 


My last trip was to France for a fencing competition. I compete for the US and travel throughout the year to compete. 

I'm a sucker for European architecture as well as the culture and the cuisine so I loved every single minute while I was abroad. It's such a different atmosphere in Europe so I'm always glad to be heading over there. Luckily, most of our tournaments are there so I get to visit often. I spent my time in France in Orleans, and when I wasn't competing I was wandering the streets . I also ate the best goat cheese ever on that trip. I'm honestly still daydreaming about it.

Thanks to Monica, and good luck on the path to Tokyo! Be sure to follower her on instagram.

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