When given the choice, we close our eyes and count to three while moving in the opposite direction of our instincts.

In raw form, we create and deliver an aesthetically pleasing, mind-massage of a daily e-mail with a cut of non-alarmist news headlines + more smart media for your morning knowledge kick & and a weekly digital mag (you could call it a newsletter if you want), celebrating a radically eclectic diversity of topic areas in all forms digital - written, podcasts, music, video, and original content. We reward the open mind with a firm belief that the more varied perspectives we explore, the more sound our own perspective becomes.

Our dating profile would say that we dig history, grit, retro and analog, the slightly relevant, the painstakingly created written word, people who do shit differently, the silence between the music notes, all with an equal appreciation for both artisanal and deli coffee.

Write us a note, we'll write back: hi@newlibrary.nyc