6 New Solid Albums in 1 Summer Week. From Young Thug to Fleet Foxes.

Summer = festival season = new music from the artists that are due to put out new music. And, put out new music they did.

Here are the 6 albums that we're digging that came out this past Friday:

Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up

Back to the wilderness we go with a massive, cinematic album that some are calling a masterpiece. We aren't disagreeing. 

The Drums - Abysmal Thoughts 

The Drums emotional brand of new wave(ish) surf rock has never felt so tight and mature. 

Lorde - Melodrama 

This is what happens when the production value goes way up, but the quality stays the same. 

Com Truise - Iteration 

Com Truise is producer Seth Haley's fictional time traveling character who represents his brand of nostalgic, synth-heavy electronic music that you don't dance to. We're more than okay to just bob our heads in appreciation.  

Young Thug - Beautiful Thugger Girls

A "singing" album from one of rap's most unconventional, unique artists. The opening track is a stunner, and the rest of the album will keep your head tilted in open, (we think) positive curiosity. 

Portugal. The Man - Woodstock

Despite being annoyingly over-produced, there is some definite fun to be had for fans of the indie-popsters.

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